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A Breath Of Pestilence Over The Face Of God - Autumnal Winds - Rivers (Cassette)

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6 thoughts on “ A Breath Of Pestilence Over The Face Of God - Autumnal Winds - Rivers (Cassette)

  1. “A wind from God swept over the face of the waters.” Gen. My college was built high on the coastal hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean. In the fall, the winds would blow—not the cool damp winds that usually came in off the ocean, but the hot dry Santa Anna winds rushing out of the desert. The Santa Annas made everyone nervous and edgy.

  2. John When God, in Jesus Christ, wanted His disciples to understand what was going to happen on the day of Pentecost, He did not blow a dove out of His mouth—He breathed!This illustrates a great deal about whether the Holy Spirit is a personality or an inanimate thing. Wind is .

  3. Verse 9. - The finishing stage began by the prophet receiving a command to prophesy unto the wind (better, breath, or spirit), and to summon it from the four "breaths," or "winds" (in this case the preferable rendering), that it might breathe upon the slain."Four winds" are mentioned, as in Ezekiel , to indicate the four quarters of heaven (comp. Ezekiel , 12; Ezekiel ; Ezekiel.

  4. We hear now of earthquakes in divers places, of fires, of tempests, of disasters by sea and land, of pestilence, of famine. What weight do these signs have upon you? This is only the beginning of what shall be. The description of the day of God is given through John by the Revelator.

  5. (16) The wind--i.e., the hot, scorching blast, as in Isaiah Even in our humid climate, it may be said of a flower--"If one sharp wind sweep o'er the field, It withers in an hour." But the pestilential winds of the East are described as bringing a heat like that of an oven, which immediately blasts every green thing.

  6. May 29,  · God breathed and the first Adam was born. Jesus breathed His last breath on the Cross and it became our first Victorious Resurrection breath. God is 'breathing' in these days to creatively position his people into the places He has ordained for his end time army. The church needs to learn to depend completely on God - Christ must become all!

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