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Besides You

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  1. Besides can function as an adverb or preposition.. Besides (preposition) When used as a preposition, besides means ‘in addition to’ or ‘as well as’. Besides her role as a mother of three, Mary runs a charity and works part-time for her husband’s company. [= Mary is a mother of three and she runs a charity and she works part-time.]; Besides a holiday in Mauritius, the competition.

  2. Besides something or beside something means in addition to it. I think she has many good qualities besides being very beautiful. Besides is used to emphasize an additional point that you are making, especially one that you consider to be important. The house was out of our price range and too big.

  3. beside you definition in English dictionary, beside you meaning, synonyms, see also 'beside oneself',beside the point',fast by or beside',besides'. Enrich .

  4. no one besides you has the key nadie, aparte de ti, tiene la llave; Thomas was the only blond in the family, besides the mother Thomas era el único rubio de la familia, aparte de la madre "who knows the password?" - "no one, besides you" adverb. 1 (in addition) además.

  5. Besides a webcam, is there any other software that you want besides además de/excepto Besides being beautiful you are intelligent also besides being " Besides having sb do something Besides he /´s life is too lonely but Besides Helping with the Family Besides if I get dropped out just for sending someone off more.

  6. Beside or besides? - English Grammar Today - một tài liệu tham khảo về ngữ pháp và cách sử dụng tiếng Anh trongvăn bản và giao tiếp - Cambridge Dictionary.

  7. Synonyms for besides at aralrajassargasmoogujin.xyzinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for besides.

  8. ‘You're a guest, and besides, sleeping in a bed would be a lot better for your back than the couch.’ ‘And besides, this rule wasn't made clear to the students in most of the colleges.’ ‘And besides, the real reason you want a hard case is because of the unspeakable things that happen to cases in airports.’.

  9. We want to hear your stories, see pictures of you and your beautiful babies breastfeeding and hear who has supported you along the way. The Beside You campaign was jointly developed and launched by Medway Council and Best Beginnings in and was relaunched in to be a Kent and Medway resource by KCC, KCHFT, Medway Council and MCH.

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