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  1. Humanitas è inoltre dotato di un Pronto Soccorso EAS ad elevata specializzazione. La Qualità della cura e dell’assistenza è il primo obiettivo di Humanitas, con l’intento di favorire un miglioramento continuo, a beneficio dei pazienti.

  2. Humanitas hat immer das besondere Angebot für Menschen mit höheren Ansprüchen an Bücher, Literatur, Fachbücher und ausgefallene Dinge für Hobby und Freizeit.

  3. Facebook Editura Humanitas; Instagram Editura Humanitas; Twitter Editura Humanitas; Facebook Humanitas Fiction; Instagram Humanitas Fiction; Facebook Librăriile Humanitas; Facebook Librăria Humanitas de la Cișmigiu.

  4. Humanitas is a highly specialized teaching and research hospital. It combines specialized centers for the treatment of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, neurological and orthopedic disorders, as well as an Ophthalmology Centre and a Fertility Center. The hospital is also equipped with Emergency and Radiotherapy areas.

  5. Fundada en , somos una universidad activa, positiva y con pasión por la educación. Conoce nuestros campus, licenciaturas, maestrías y diplomados.

  6. Humanitas is a unique winery with a very compelling story. Simply put, they make wine, sell it, and give the profits to charity! The profits go to find solutions to three very primary issues: literacy, housing, and hunger. But Humanitas at the sametime is equally committed to the craft of winemaking.

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