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Fly Fly

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  1. FLY (Freedom. Love. You.) is a network and forum for women of colour at Cambridge University. It is primarily a safe space, with weekly meetings open only to self-defining women of colour and a closed Facebook page, where together we discuss our experiences, ask for advice, and generally draw strength from being around women who understand.

  2. Created by fly-fishing professionals, these patterns promise to help you catch picky and high-pressured fish. For anglers who enjoy fly fishing large surface patterns, we offer a great selection of top water terrestrial flies designed to entice large trout to the surface.

  3. 1. slang Having an awareness of what is hip and current. Maria is fly—she'll be able to tell you the best club to go to. 2. slang Fashionable; cool. Those sunglasses are really fly.

  4. 1. verb To pass someone by flying. Ethel screamed as a bird flew right by her head and startled her. 2. verb To pass or go by swiftly, usually a period of time. I don't know, we just started chatting, and then I looked up and two hours had flown by!

  5. 93 synonyms of fly from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for fly. Fly: to move through the air with or as if with outstretched wings.

  6. "The Fly" is a very devastating film. Powerful enough, but not exactly pleasant to look at. Like only the greatest directors can pull this off, Cronenberg overwhelms the audience with a sublime mixture drama, misery and repulsiveness. You feel as helpless as the characters themselves and you painfully wait for the unhappy ending to come!

  7. Shoo, fly: it can be a daily battle, but keeping flies from taking over is important The art of fly dressing started centuries ago in an attempt to copy the natural fly by dressing silk, feather and fur around a hook and making it resemble the natural insect. Winter's arrived-and it is fly dressing time again!

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