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Give Him A Joint (Remix) - Dunno - Fiction Or Reality Remixed (CD)

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8 thoughts on “ Give Him A Joint (Remix) - Dunno - Fiction Or Reality Remixed (CD)

  1. Hello, good day! How are you? My name is Adil Lewis and I go by the stage name ''DJ Addo''. I am an 20 year old DJ who started at the age of 9. With the possession of a distinct style of musical ent.

  2. Feb 22,  · The hip-hop remix is a second chance, employed to extend the reach of a hit by expounding on an already successful formula or give a floundering song the .

  3. give it to ya. TZ Comment by galgal. good. TZ Comment by John Baker. rap classic!!! TZ Comment by Future Music. support. TZ Comment by Lunatics. good. TZ Comment by DJs2YOU. dope. TZ Comment by extra extra. nice remix. T

  4. Give as Gift. Try for Free. See All Challenges. Challenge. Remix a song +4 XP. Medium. Quick. Needs Supplies. Your Challenge. Use editing software to remix a song you like, or do it the old school way – with turntables! You can even sample the catchiest part for a brand new track. Share a video of or a link to your remix. 4 Experience Points.

  5. remix search engine Music, MP3, WAV, Remix and DJ Search Engine. Search over 1,, remixes for your next party and podcast!

  6. An extract from my masters dissertation REMiXiNG CULTURE: Creativity and The Internet D. Nelligan () From CHAPTER 1: iNTRODUCTiON TO REMiX // Broader Definitions of 'Remix' (p. 17,18) The term 'remix' originated in music recording terminology. But as it is used today, 'remix' could easily apply to the writing of a thesis. It is sensibly.

  7. Jan 26,  · The producer of the remix owns the rights of the sound recording of that remix. But, the rights of your wife's song are a work of intellectual property independent of any sound recording that is a "remix" of that song. In other words, both your wife and the remixer owns the rights of the remix.

  8. Look man, if you're Skrillex, and DJ Snake wants to remix your track, there would probably be some sort of contract. But let's face it, for most of us, a remix isn't something that you'd write up a contract for. Just give them traditional stems, and let them come up with what they come up with.

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